Single user licence

The single user licence entitles the licensee to install the software on a single machine. If a licensee wishes to install the software on a laptop or home PC in addition, he or she can purchase additional licences at reduced purchase prices.

Network licence (floating licence)

Your advantages:

  • Simultaneous access to a project from several PCs
  • Shared data management
  • Better project overview and transparency
  • Optimal interaction of all components in the network
  • No different versions on different computers

What is a floating licence?

With a floating licence, it is no longer the number of installations that is decisive for the installation of clients, but the number of users who work with the programme at the same time (floating licence).

This means you can install the clients on as many computers as you like within a company. The number of client licences required depends on how many users work with the software at the same time.


You have 2023 purchased the server licence of the software "PrintForm 2023 CS" with 5 client licences; in your company there are 28 PCs in a LAN.

You can install the clients on all 28 computers. With the 5 client licences you have purchased, 5 users can work with the software simultaneously, no matter from which computer. The sixth user who starts the software gets the message that 5 users are already working with the programme. However, he can start the programme immediately if another user closes his application.