Creation and management of construction diaries

Bautagebuch 2023

Bautagebuch 2023 is a programme for the comprehensive documentation of the construction process as well as for the creation and administration of construction diaries and construction site reports. The clearly arranged structure, the easy handling and the possibility to adapt the programme to the individual needs of the user make the software a valuable tool in everyday work.

  • Any number of construction site diaries
  • Any number of construction site reports
  • incl. mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Defect management
  • Construction meeting minutes
  • Image management and editing
  • Numerous layout templates


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Which additional modules does Construction Diary include? 2023

The following modules are available in addition and can be ordered individually on request:

50 € *Maengelmanagement

Defect Management

With the module, you can not only record defects in the construction diary, but also manage and locate them comprehensively.
You can assign floor plans and plans to individual defects in order to locate them.
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Construction Diary Mobile App

In practice, it is becoming increasingly important to record data for the construction diary directly on the construction site using a mobile device. That is why we offer the 2023following mobile applications for Bautagebuch 2023free of charge:

  • Synchronisation between app and desktop
  • Create as many construction diaries as you like
  • Call up live weather data
  • Change image properties
  • Call up construction status
  • Take pictures/select gallery
Bildverortung Mobile App

Screenshots from Construction Diary 2023

Practical reports on Bautagebuch

Practical report: IBE MAHNKE & SCHAARSCHMIDT GBR - Quantum leap for construction documentation

Documenting construction site activities and defects is tedious and time-consuming. With special software and well-rehearsed workflows, the planning office IBE Mahnke & Schaarschmidt has minimized its own effort and maximized execution qualities on the construction site.

Case study: Mauthe GmbH - offices and construction sites under control

For the management of offices and all projects, the planning office Mauthe has been using programmes from Weise Software since 2017. Dogan Ucar, project manager for construction projects at Mauthe GmbH, reports on his experiences with the programme and its practical use.

Practical report: Mauthe GmbH - offices and construction sites under control

Since 2017, the Mauthe planning office has been using programmes from Weise Software to manage offices and all projects. Dogan Ucar, project manager for construction projects at Mauthe GmbH, reports on his experiences with the programme and its practical use.

Practical report: Weiss und Partner engineering office - construction sites and defects under control

The team at Weiss und Partner, an engineering office for construction planning in Jena, has been contributing its planning know-how in the fields of architecture and civil engineering to private, commercial and public clients since 1997. Digital tools always support the planners. Paper and pencil were also never an option for expert opinions, construction management and construction supervision. "Much too time-consuming and error-prone," Juergen Weiss comments on keeping manual construction diaries. Initially, self-programmed Excel spreadsheets were used to digitally document the day's construction progress, the content of discussions, specifications, etc. "Extensive and detailed construction site records were kept. "Extensive and detailed construction site documentation was only possible to a limited extent and the variety of construction site activities could not be covered in as much detail and structure as we wanted," Weiss recalls. Therefore, he was looking for a solution that contained extensive processing rubrics for the construction site documentation, but at the same time was easy to use.

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