Locating images in plans

Bildverortung 2023

With Bildverortung 2023you can quickly and efficiently locate, describe and manage images on plans or floor plans. In addition, you can specify the respective camera location for each image.

  • Any number of plans or floor plans
  • Individual marker types
  • Optional specification of the camera location
  • Image management and editing
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Defect import from construction diary 2023
  • Printout with plan section of the marking


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Bildverortung mobile app

Manage plans, markers and camera locations directly on site. Take a photo and connect it to the desired marker. When you get to the office, synchronise it with the desktop version via WLAN. You can download Bildverortung Mobil free of charge here:

  • Synchronisation between app and desktop
  • Add new maps
  • Create markers
  • Set camera location
  • Assign any number of images to a marker
  • Capture images/select gallery
  • Edit marker properties
  • Set marker position
  • Create/edit marker templates
Bildverortung Mobile App

  Practical reports on Bautagebuch

Practical report: IBE MAHNKE & SCHAARSCHMIDT GBR - Quantum leap for construction documentation

Documenting construction site activities and defects is tedious and time-consuming. With special software and well-rehearsed workflows, the planning office IBE Mahnke & Schaarschmidt has minimized its own effort and maximized execution qualities on the construction site.

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