Creation of fire protection certificates

Brandschutznachweis 2023

With Brandschutznachweis 2023 you have software at your disposal that helps you to quickly and efficiently create fire protection certificates for all federal states. The software includes verifications by building class and for regulated special buildings.

  • Fire protection certificates for building classes
  • Fire protection certificates for regulated special buildings
  • Fire protection certificates according to the Model Industrial Building Directive (MIndbauRL)
  • Over 300 laws, ordinances and guidelines
  • Individually expandable


What functions and features does the programme have?

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Which modules does Brandschutznachweis 2023 include?

The programme consists of the following modules, which can also be ordered individually on request:

149 € *Geb�udeklassen

Building classes

The fire protection verifications are structured according to the building regulations of the federal states, either by building class or height class. This module covers all federal states and has a static as well as a dynamic input mode.

149 € *Sonderbauten

Special buildings

This module contains the fire protection certificates for regulated special buildings for all federal states and also has a static and a dynamic input mode.

149 € *Industriebau

Industrial building

This module consists of various input masks that guide you through the individual structure points (verification of components, verification of escape routes, fire extinguishing equipment, installations, etc.).

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Case study: Brandschutz 2000 Consulting - Safety as a programme

Safety is the core business of Brandschutz 2000 Consulting - for example in the form of fire protection concepts, documentation or escape route plans. The expert office from Büsum is supported by fire protection programmes from Weise Software.

Faulty fire protection concepts can usually only be corrected after the building has been completed at great expense in terms of time and money. That is why the motto of Jürgen E. Klaft, owner of Brandschutz 2000 Consulting, is: "Fire protection - from the very beginning of planning". As an expert for fire protection, specialist planner for preventive fire protection (EIPOS), lecturer, former head of the plant fire brigade and fire protection at IBM as well as district fire chief in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, he is a proven and experienced expert: "Fire protection is often insufficiently taken into account - also because different specifications of state building regulations, special building regulations, guidelines and standards do not exactly facilitate fire protection planning.