Corporate Controlling

VvW Control 2023

Project controlling is becoming increasingly important in architecture and engineering offices in view of ever tighter fees. It is becoming increasingly important for planning offices to constantly monitor the economic success of both individual projects and the office as a whole and to take countermeasures at an early stage in the event of impending undesirable developments.

  • Zeiterfassung
  • Controlling
  • Fee calculation
  • Resource planning
  • Web server
  • Project manager roles
  • Profit centre
  • XRechnung
  • GobD Siegel


What are the functions and features of the programme?

What is new in the programme version of 2023?

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Which modules does VvW Control include? 2023

The programme consists of the following modules, which can also be ordered individually on request:

399 € * Zeiterfassung


  • Project management, arbitrarily subdivisible with service phases
  • Recording of the agreed fees per service phase
  • Employee master data
  • Planned working hours
  • Holiday entry
  • Part-time employees
  • Setting hourly rates
  • More
899 € * Controlling inkl. Zeiterfassung

Controlling incl. Zeiterfassung

  • Labour costs
  • Recording costs and services
  • Overhead cost projects
  • Liquidity forecast
  • Numerous evaluations and diagrams
  • Project metrics
  • Individually customisable reports
  • Report management
  • Project status overviews
  • More
from 1499 € * HOAI inkl. Zeiterfassung & Controlling

HOAI incl. Zeiterfassung & controlling

  • GoBD module incl. GoBD export interface (GDPdU), procedural documentation
  • All service profiles and consulting services according to HOAI 2021, 2013, 2009, 1996
  • Flexible setting options for settlement according to ECJ ruling
  • Siemon tables 2013, Rift and Flemming tables
  • More
399 € * Ressourcenplanung

Resource planning

  • Video Module Resource Planning
  • Target time rough planning for projects and project phases
  • Target time planning per employee and project as bar chart
  • Daily view or cumulated on weekly/monthly/yearly view
  • Employee scheduling on a percentage or flat rate basis
  • Overview of employee workload
  • Common time/absence planning (training times, sick times, meetings, holidays)
  • More
399 € * Webserver

Web server

  • Zeiterfassung via any Internet browser without having to install the client software at the workplace
  • Employees can also record their times easily and quickly outside the office
  • Comparison of target and actual times for the current month
  • Individual project filter adjustable
  • Holiday plan
600 € * Projektleiterrollen

Project manager roles

  • Project- or department-related special rights for individual employees
  • Predefined standard project manager role
  • Simple handling through freely definable project roles for grouping additional rights
  • Assigning staff to projects/subjects with one of the defined project roles, e.g. as project manager
  • Authorisations from several roles have an additive effect
  • Specific evaluation options
800 € * Profitcenter

Profit centre

  • Separate calculation and evaluation of company divisions and sub-companies, e.g. return on sales, sales target, labour cost ratio, project hourly shares, average profit centre hourly rate, overhead factor
  • Any profit centre structure, e.g. according to topics, locations, clientele
  • More
75 € * XRechnung


  • Generation of standard-compliant XRechnungs (XML invoice, electronic invoice)
  • Fulfilment of public sector invoicing requirements
  • Electronic invoicing is gradually becoming compulsory in the federal states
  • Embedding of additional attachments in the XRechnung possible
  • Easy switch between XRechnung generation and the generation of classic invoices possible
  • Security check of relevant data fields
depending on configuration * Terminal und Transponder

Terminal and transponder

With the powerful terminal, working times and breaks can be recorded quickly and contactlessly on site via handy transponders. The data transfer for Zeiterfassung 2023takes place in real time via the network.

  • Physical recording of coming and going times as well as tours of duty via terminal and transponder (RFID tag or chip card)
  • Time booking in seconds
  • Comprehensive evaluation options
  • More

Introduction to VvW Control 2023

Definition of controlling:

Controlling is an instrument of corporate management that encompasses planning, steering, control and reporting.

The basis is a detailed cost and performance accounting (CAC) as an information system for successful controlling.

Objectives of cost and activity accounting:

  • Value-based recording and presentation of the operational performance process
  • Profitability control, i.e. in particular the monitoring of the quantitative component of the operating result
  • Determination of the hourly rates
  • Carrying out project costing (preliminary, ongoing and final costing)
  • Determination of the "operating result", i.e. the success generated by exclusively operational services of the planning company.

Zeiterfassung Mobile App

For our VvW Control software, 2023 we offer a free app for the Zeiterfassung module, with which you can conveniently record working times while on the road. The prerequisite for this is the optional "web server" module:

  • Synchronisation between app and desktop
  • Record times accurately
  • Start / Stop / Pause function
  • subsequent entries
Zeiterfassung Mobile App

Schwerpunkt HOAI

Prof. Uwe Meiendresch, presiding judge at the Aachen Regional Court, recommends that architects and engineers use a secure HOAI billing system.

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