Duplicate search and data maintenance

Nexo 2023

Nexo 2023 is an extremely powerful, reliable programme equipped with numerous extras for analysing, maintaining and optimising your address databases. The main focus of the software is the search for duplicates.

  • Duplicate search
  • Address cleansing
  • Split / merge fields
  • Frequency analysis
  • Data comparison
  • Generate salutation
  • Title analysis


What are the functions and features of the programme?

What is new in the programme version of 2023?

What are duplicates and how do they occur?

Duplicates are data records, mainly in address databases, which have different contents but represent one and the same person, company or institution. Finding and identifying or eliminating them is very time-consuming without the appropriate tools - especially if the database contains many addresses. 4-6% of addresses are usually duplicated in typical, well-maintained customer databases. The consequences are: Double costs for postage and printed matter, errors in the maintenance of customer data (one data record is updated, the duplicates are not) and, as a result, incorrect information to customers when they have queries about their master data.

Duplicates usually occur when new records are created by:

  • Change of family or company name
  • Change of address or location
  • Several contact persons in one company / department
  • Incorrect recording of customer data during telephone enquiries/orders
  • Typos, misspellings, abbreviations

or when merging different databases or tables or comparing different address lists. The latter is very time-consuming and costly, especially for small and medium-sized companies, and also has a high error rate.

Nexo Dublettensuche erkl�rt

This is exactly where Nexo comes in 2023. The programme analyses all address data, eliminates duplicates, corrects e-mail addresses and postcodes and cleans selected data fields. In addition, different databases can be compared with each other.

Screenshots from Nexo 2023