Project management and construction scheduling


Projekt-Manager 2023

Besides costs, deadlines are one of the neuralgic points in connection with the realisation of construction projects. Project Manager 2023 enables tighter planning and construction and assembly times.

  • Clear representation of processes and dependencies
  • Optimisation of throughput times and capacities
  • Identifying weaknesses and bottlenecks
  • Quick adjustment in the event of schedule changes
  • High scalability to any print format
  • Comprehensive information for all stakeholders


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100 € * Ressourcenplanung

Resource planning

With resource planning, not only construction times but also the use of personnel, equipment, vehicles or other resources can now be planned across projects. With the help of clear graphics, you can see at a glance who is scheduled for which construction site, where and when, with which workload, which work must be completed when and which equipment will be available again when. This helps to deploy the right employees at the right time and according to their skills, to put together suitable teams and to react quickly as soon as an employee is absent. For personnel resources, utilisation levels, absences and holidays can be defined. Resources can be a concrete person, an abstract group of people or equipment and materials.

To calculate the costs of a resource, one can either access existing cost data or enter it anew. When planning changes are made, all dependent elements are moved automatically so that the consequences are immediately recognisable. If there are conflicts with other trades or construction sites, these are displayed. Thanks to extensive evaluation options and reports, project managers always have an overview of all personnel and other company resources. Resources, their utilisation and costs as well as absences are evaluated in the form of diagrams, weekly schedules and annual overviews, cost overviews and cost progressions, milestone lists or target/actual comparisons.

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