SiGe coordination in accordance with the Construction Site Ordinance

SiGe Manager 2023

According to studies, two thirds of all accidents on construction sites are due to errors in the run-up to construction work, lack of organisation and coordination. The aim of safety and health coordination (SiGe) is to improve safety on construction sites and to reduce the number of accidents, downtimes and the resulting follow-up costs.

  • Advance notice
  • Base for later work
  • Catalogue of hazards for building construction, civil engineering and building in the existing fabric
  • Shared safety equipment
  • Numerous templates and checklists
  • Mobile app "Hazard catalogue"


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SiGe Mobile

With this free app, we offer you the complete hazard catalogues for structural engineering, civil engineering and building in existing structures as an information system for mobile devices.

  • comprehensive hazard catalogue
  • Basis for the preparation of safety and health protection plans
  • Subdivision into constructional and constructional-organisational solutions
  • Listing of all relevant laws, regulations and standards
SiGe Mobile App

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