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Smart Check 2023

Smartcheck is a software for creating checklists of all kinds, such as building site or fire protection inspections, regular inspections of objects, fixtures or parts, inspection or to-do lists, questionnaires and much more.
- NEW -

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited lists
  • Template management and template editor
  • Export and print function
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Synchronisation between app and desktop version

The checklists are easily created with a template editor on the PC and managed in projects. Predefined sample lists, which can be adapted by you, as well as numerous line and table layouts support you in building the checklists. With the help of freely designable page elements such as text blocks, headings, page header and page footer, you give the checklists a professional appearance and can adapt them to the company layout.

The lists are transferred to the desired smartphones or tablets via a synchronisation function. The checklists can then be conveniently filled out on the road and synchronised with the PC application via WLAN or USB. The finished checklists can then be printed on the PC or exported in various formats.

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Smart Check Mobile App

With "Smart-Check Mobile" you get an app for filling out checklists.

Checklists can be designed via the desktop application and completed conveniently on site with this app.

In addition, pictures can be taken and assigned to the individual items.

  • Synchronisation between app and desktop
Smart-Check Mobile App

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