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Zeiterfassung 2023

Full- or part-time employees, short-term workers, shift work, seasonal work or remote work: every company and every industry is different. Whether you need a time recording system for home office hours or a classic solution with a permanently installed terminal, our modular time recording system can be adapted to your company's requirements.

  • Time tracking software
  • Web server
  • Android app or iOS app
  • Terminal and transponder
  • Additional licences

What functions and features
does the software have?

What does the
Hardware Starter Set include?

Which modules does Zeiterfassung 2023 include?

The programme consists of the following modules, which can also be ordered individually on request:

from 399.00 € * Zeiterfassung

Standard: Time recording

  • Time recording on the PC
  • Optionally running time clock
  • Time recording via Android and iOS app (also offline), (module web server required)
  • Time recording via terminal/transponder, (terminal module required)
  • Time recording on projects and project phases (can be subdivided as desired, priorities, own markers, classification)
  • Individual project filter
  • Graphical holiday schedule with application and approval (Gantt chart)
  • More...

    incl. free app

    "Time recording mobile"

    for iOS and Android

399,00 € * Webserver


  • Time recording via any Internet browser without having to install the client software at the workplace
  • Employees can also record their times easily and quickly outside the office
  • Comparison of target and actual times for the current month
  • Individual project filter adjustable
  • Holiday plan
  • Data storage takes place at the customer
399 € * Mitarbeitereinsatzplanung

Employee scheduling

  • Gantt chart and workload planning
  • Target time rough planning for projects and project phases
  • Target time planning per employee as Gantt chart/bar chart (assignment of project phases)
  • Target time planning per project as Gantt chart/bar chart (assignment of employees to project phases)
  • Daily view or cumulative on weekly/monthly/yearly view
  • Staff scheduling on a percentage basis (e.g. 50% of working time) or on a flat-rate basis (e.g. 1 h per day)
  • Overview of employee workload
  • General time/absence planning (training times, planned sick times, meetings)
  • Colour highlighting of overloads
  • Self-definable limit for tolerated overloads
from 949.00 € * Terminal und Transponder

Terminal and transponder

With the powerful terminal, working times and breaks can be recorded quickly and contactlessly on site via handy transponders. The data transfer for Zeiterfassung 2023 takes place in real time via the network.

  • Physical recording of coming and going times as well as tours of duty via terminal and transponder (RFID tag or chip card)
  • Time booking in seconds
  • Comprehensive evaluation options
  • Checking the booking of attendance times on project activities
  • Intuitive operation
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Easy assembly
  • IPS touch screen colour display
  • Transponder reader
  • More...

Zeiterfassung Mobile App

For our time recording software, we offer a free app with which you can conveniently record working times while on the move. The prerequisite for this is the optional "web server" module.

  • Synchronisation between app and desktop
  • Record times accurately
  • Start / Stop / Pause function
  • subsequent entries
Zeiterfassung Mobile App

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