Ingo Weise Company Founder
Ingo Weise Managing Director (CEO)

Dear customers,
as a service provider, we see our main task not only in the production of high-quality software products, but it is our goal to advise you with professional competence, to develop new ideas and solutions together with you and to help you achieve the desired success and effects with our programs, forms and legal texts.
With our web pages we would like to recommend ourselves to you and present our products and services.


Weise Software GmbH was founded in 1993 as Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH with the aim of distributing forms for architects and civil engineers. The first products included the forms for the building permit procedure in Saxony and various other forms.

In the years 1993 to 1995, there was a continuous expansion of the range of forms in various areas.

In 1996, the forward-looking decision to develop forms software was made and implemented. Based on our experience in the field of pre-printed forms, a database application was developed and introduced in North Rhine-Westphalia in the same year. The positive reception of this product by our customers resulted in the further expansion of the software development department and the continuous further development of the forms software. Program versions for all 16 federal states were created.

A further expansion of our range of services took place in 1998 with the development of the electronic collection of laws "Bauordnung-aktuell". This product currently contains over 1300 laws, ordinances and guidelines from the federal and state governments and is always kept up to date by us.

The establishment of our own software development department starting in 2000 put us in a position to flexibly implement customer requirements and thus achieve a high added value for the users of our software. Due to the in-house software development, numerous new software products could be included.

In 2022, Mr. Weise has handed over the active management to Mr. Bueder - combined with an extensive transition period for a continuous continuation of the company's development. Mr. Weise will continue to be available for consultation.

Our software products

Currently, the company's software portfolio includes the following products:

  • Software for construction scheduling and resource monitoring (Projekt-Manager)
  • Software for fee calculation and management (HOAI-PRO)
  • Forms software (PrintForm)
  • Software for SiGe coordination on construction sites (SiGe-Manager)
  • Software for duplicate search in address databases (Nexo)
  • Software for the preparation of fire protection certificates (Brandschutznachweis)
  • Software for the creation of fire protection regulations (Brandschutzordnung)
  • Software for scheduling and task planning (Terminplaner)
  • Software for the creation of construction diaries (Bautagebuch)
  • Software for corporate controlling according to PeP-7 (VvW Control)
  • Gantt component for software developers (Gantt Control)
  • Software for the creation of escape and rescue plans (Fluchplan)
  • Software for locating images and defects (Bildverortung)
  • Software for managing and maintaining customer relationships (Weise-CRM)
  • Software for the creation of checklists (Smart-Check)
  • Software for managing job advertisements and applicant profiles (Bewerbermanagement)
  • Collection of laws for construction (Baurecht-aktuell)
  • Various apps for Android and iOS

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