Brandschutznachweis 2023

Brandschutznachweis 2023 software is specially tailored to the creation of fire protection certificates for all building and height classes as well as the regulated special buildings of all federal states. In addition, fire protection certificates can also be created according to the model industrial building guideline. Input masks and structured queries ensure that important information is not forgotten in the fire Brandschutznachweis 2023. Context-related help texts explain the queries, default values simplify the input. Master data such as the designer, client, building project, property and building data can be taken from the integrated database or entered via the keyboard. The master data entry is followed by the fire protection classification, in which areas, storeys, limit distances, the type of use and other specifications are queried. A sample concept is then generated, which is then individually adapted to the specific project.


Zur Nutzung an einem PC. Mit lokaler Datenhaltung und Möglichkeit der Datensicherung im Netz.


Zur Nutzung an mehreren PC's entsprechend der erworbenen Lizenzen. Mit zentraler Datenhaltung und Datensicherung.


Webbasierte Version für den Freistaat Bayern (weitere Bundesländer folgen).