With Baurecht-aktuell we offer you an extensive collection of laws - especially for the building sector. All laws are available to you in the form of PDF files; navigation within the laws takes place via bookmarks, which you can edit and add to as you wish. You can copy text sections to the clipboard and paste...

Bautagebuch 2024

Bautagebuch 2024 is a programme for the comprehensive documentation of the construction process as well as for the creation and management of construction diaries and construction site reports. The clearly arranged structure, the simple handling and the possibility to adapt the programme to the individual needs...

Bewerber-Management 2024

Bewerber-Management 2024 is a software for the management of job advertisements and applicant profiles and related profiles, descriptions and the generation of statements.

Bildverortung 2024

With  Bildverortung 2024 you can quickly and efficiently locate, describe and manage images on plans or floor plans:.The programme can read in plans from pdf, dxf, dwg, jpg, png and vvwcad formats. The symbols for the markings can be individually adapted and provided with various properties such as building,...

Brandschutznachweis 2024

Brandschutznachweis 2024 software is specially tailored to the creation of fire protection certificates for all building and height classes as well as the regulated special buildings of all federal states. In addition, fire protection certificates can also be created according to the model industrial building...

Brandschutzordnung 2024

Brandschutzordnung 2024 software supports the user in creating the Fire Protection Regulations Part A, Part B and Part C. The user is guided through the programme by the structure specified by DIN 14096. Text modules are suggested from which one can choose and which can be tailored to the respective company. A...

EditForm 2024

With EditForm we provide you with a development environment with which you can create your own forms for PrintForm 2024 or modify existing forms.

Fluchtplan 2024

With the Fluchtplan 2024 software, architects and engineers, fire protection and safety officers, occupational safety specialists, surveyors or facility managers can create escape and rescue plans according to DIN ISO 23601 in multiple languages. In addition, fire department plans according to DIN 14095...

HOAI-Pro 2024

HOAI-Pro 2024 supports planners in transparent and legally compliant fee calculation as well as the preparation of offers and invoices according to HOAI 2021, 2013, 2009 and 1996. The software offers flexible setting options for billing in accordance with the ECJ ruling. For example, interpolation, fee zone and...

Nexo 2024

Nexo 2024 is an extremely powerful, reliable programme equipped with numerous extras for analysing, maintaining and optimising your address databases. The main focus of the software is the search for duplicates.

PrintForm 2024

With PrintForm 2024 , you get comprehensive forms software that has been specially designed and produced for the construction sector. Over 2,300 forms are currently available in 8 topic-specific modules. The modules can be purchased individually and combined with each other as desired. During the development, we...

Projekt-Manager 2024

In addition to costs, deadlines are one of the neuralgic points in the realisation of construction projects. The Projekt-Manager 2024 enables tighter planning, construction and assembly times. The programme clearly displays work processes and interdependencies in the form of bar charts, structure plans or...

SiGe-Manager 2024

With SiGe-Manager 2024 , the creation of SiGe plans is uncomplicated and efficient. After entering the general information, you create the preliminary notice or the document for later work with a mouse click. The actual SiGe plan can be generated in tabular or graphical form. The integrated hazard catalog for...

Smart-Check 2024

Smart-Check 2024 is a software for the creation of checklists of all kinds, such as construction site or fire protection inspections, regular inspections of objects, fixtures or parts, inspection or to-do lists, questionnaires and much more.

Terminplaner 2024

Terminplaner 2024 is used to manage and display your business and personal appointments. You have the possibility to synchronize all appointments with MS Outlook or export them to other formats (xls, txt, xml, htm). übersichtliche Eingabemasken gestalten die Arbeit mit Terminplaner 2024 unkompliziert und...

VvW Control 2024

VvW Control 2024 - the office and management software for planning offices (BMSP) certified according to the PeP-7 standard - supports you in processing, controlling and documenting projects and tasks in the daily office routine of an architecture or engineering office as well as in fee calculation according to...

Weise-CRM 2024

Weise-CRM 2024 is a software for the maintenance and management of customer relationships and related tasks, appointments and contact histories.

Weise-DMS 2024

Weise-DMS 2024 supports companies in the audit-compliant filing, unifies and structures workflows and creates the technical conditions for the fulfillment of legal requirements (GoBD, GDPdU and DSGVO).

Zeiterfassung 2024 CS

Zeiterfassung 2024 CS software supports you flexibly in your way of time recording and grows according to your requirements.