SiGe-Manager 2024

With SiGe-Manager 2024, the creation of SiGe plans is uncomplicated and efficient. After entering the general information, you create the preliminary notice or the document for later work with a mouse click. The actual SiGe plan can be generated in tabular or graphical form. The integrated hazard catalog for building construction, civil engineering and finishing contains all trades as well as the associated hazards, solutions, rules and regulations. Hazards can be transferred to the SiGe plan at the click of a mouse. For SiGe-Manager 2024, the hazard catalog has been completely revised and is clearer and more effective, because the more precisely and accurately real safety hazards are described, the more likely SiGe plans will be accepted and implemented.
Especially worth mentioning is a module for the automatic generation of a construction site regulation including project data, table of contents, outline and symbols. Furthermore, the program includes numerous additional functions such as templates, laws, checklists for the construction site inspection, a module for the automatic generation of a construction site regulation as well as a free app with hazard catalog.

Single-user version

For use on one PC. With local data storage and possibility of data backup in the network.

Network version

For use on multiple PCs according to the licenses purchased. With central data storage and data backup.


Online Version des SiGe-Managers